Friday, June 09, 2006

The morning after...The Tears Don't Stop, only increase.

This morning I did not look out for a rainbow, I did not have the energy to get out of the house to do so...
I do not see why it is so often that good people experience such horrible tragedies.
I did not sleep much last night, staying up late, till around 2:30, having gone outside a couple times to look at the thunder and ligtning before I finally went to bed I foudn a yearbook from last year and looked up Dovie. Looking at Dovie's picture in the school yearbook, right there among so many wonderful classmates...was so think of his utterly painful absence now. And I did not sleep much...Waking up around 6:30...I cannot imagine the family's pain and suffering.
I know the Klugerman's and they are such wonderful people. Yaffa did Bnei Akiva, Tsvi was my teacher, and always expressesd interest in what was going on in my life every time I saw him around...I would see him often in shul -though i have been away from home these past 5 years, when I was in Silver Spring attending the minyanim he went to...I would see him with his wonderful son...oy.
Last night I spoke to Aryeh Pearlman, a singer I sang with over shavuous on a trip which I brought Dov's name with to the mishabarachs...hoping for all the best...and Aryeh told me he knew "Hal Klugerman" and that he is a tsaddik..he was the baal koreh in Brooklyn by somewhere that he frequented if I am not mistaken...I saw online an interesting posting Rabbi Klugerman posted about looking for a defense for Halacha against Freud's assertion that Halacha caused obsessive compulsiveness. Here Rabbi Klugerman was in defense of Judaism, of Halacha....Rabbi Klugerman is a great person, and I know that first hand. I always did find him to be special. His family has always been so kind and open as well. Now his family needs the support of the community.
This morning is the Klugerman's eldest son's, Dovie's, Levaya. How horrible is it to go to the funeral of a boy not yet 15...
As I read more about Dovie, and all the hope the family had, and think of how much we were all expecting him to live through this, I just can't control myself...This is uncontrollably tear evoking and yet the tears do not quench.

I don't know why anyone could doubt that the Heavens were clearly demarkating the night as a sad one...Just around midnight time the Heavens around his community went inot uproar...this was a horribly sad night...The life of this precious boy was cut down...I wish his neshama all the best aliyah, and his family all the nechama...
Dovie Klugerman will not be forgotten. Dov, I remember your sweet face from seeing you around in shul, and even from spending a summer with you and your family at Camp Morasha in 2001 when I was a music counselor and you were a young camper. You were a wonderful boy: "sweet like sugar" as one of your rabbeim said, and as we all knew, cuete, polite, and full of life...This world will miss you sorely...I do not see how we can ever stop shedding tears for you. Your passing feels unfair and unjust and we are all so sad it is beyond words and beyond belief what happened.
You were loved by your family and those around you.
You are missed.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Night of Crying

Tonight is a night of crying. A young boy's life was cut out from under him in his precious youth.
I wonder what the family is doing to cope, I want to console them...The father a knowledgeable, sweet, down-to-earth Rabbi and administrator in the school I call my alma-matter, Berman Hebrew Academy.
I was crying when the news sunk in, and speckled times throughout, but tonight the heavens were crying.
I heard the noise and as I went outside I was amazed that out of nowhere the rain started to come from a speckle to a large downpour, and as I called my roomate and one of my best friends for consolation he told me it was not really raining where he was, and as he said that there were more long cackles and roars where I was. He was in NY, I was in MD, not more than a few blocks from where the tragedy was...and shamayim (the heavens) were truly crying out...The raors of the sky were like a deep bellicose version of a mother's cries...there was not a star in the sky to be seen...IT was a sad nihgt all around.
My eyes are so tired...
I want to comfort the family... I wish I could...