Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Night of Crying

Tonight is a night of crying. A young boy's life was cut out from under him in his precious youth.
I wonder what the family is doing to cope, I want to console them...The father a knowledgeable, sweet, down-to-earth Rabbi and administrator in the school I call my alma-matter, Berman Hebrew Academy.
I was crying when the news sunk in, and speckled times throughout, but tonight the heavens were crying.
I heard the noise and as I went outside I was amazed that out of nowhere the rain started to come from a speckle to a large downpour, and as I called my roomate and one of my best friends for consolation he told me it was not really raining where he was, and as he said that there were more long cackles and roars where I was. He was in NY, I was in MD, not more than a few blocks from where the tragedy was...and shamayim (the heavens) were truly crying out...The raors of the sky were like a deep bellicose version of a mother's cries...there was not a star in the sky to be seen...IT was a sad nihgt all around.
My eyes are so tired...
I want to comfort the family... I wish I could...


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